GOD is Riding Shotgun

When all else fails we look at the word of GOD for guidance. It is extremely important that we read it for ourselves. The imperativeness is because our life lessons have been taught and caught. In those moments of reflections we are able to decipher between the two categories. Our perception of GOD’s will, destiny, and life’s purpose are significantly impacted by the convergence of these factors. This is what I have learned about GOD’s will.

We first look at the Word in the raw. All the commandments hang on these two commandments. “Love the LORD your God with all your heart mind and strength. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Matthew 22:37

The foundational ways to know GOD’s way are to look at HIS word and, spend time with Holy Spirit.

If I am being honest the times when I am pondering great decision are when I question GOD’s will for my life. It is usually the smaller choices. In my process I learned than my thought process was formed by what I taught and caught. I was taught to put GOD first. I was taught to represent Him well. I caught that each of my choices affect my family and my culture. I caught that saying no to things that were new, adventurous, and challenging. In direct opposition to stepping out on faith like I was taught. I believe these are the conflicts that make identifying GOD’s will so challenging. Culturally, we are tribal passing down fear in the form of modesty. “Don’t be an artist, but teach.” “Don’t quit your job with benefits to be an entrepreneur.”

The paths are broken down into two categories. The overarching purpose of my life and the small adventures in between.

I believe we all have an overall purpose in life in line with the great commission. We see that in the examples of the Word of God with the life of Joseph. We see this in the life of Esther.

Then there are the day to month journeys that we have to navigate in wisdom that is always submitted to the sovereignty of God. David does a good job of demonstrating this as he fled from Saul. The word explicitly tells us he sought God when going into battle but, he ran with no real destination insight. David relied on his relationship with a living God to help him stay safe.

Similar, to choosing a gift for a loved one when we consider the will of God. We think about His likes and dislikes in order to choose a gift.

GOD compares Himself to a parent. “If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children? How much more will your Father in Heaven to give the Holy Spirit who asks HIM.”

Emotionally healthy parents push their children to soar because when they are financially stable they know that regardless of outcome the children will have a safety net. It is unfortunate in low socioeconomic families that second piece is not present. Allbeit, bad to admit that is motivation behind the lack of support for new adventurous endeavors. It is a faith issue because in Christ we are new creatures, adopted into a new family. Our Heavenly Father has the resources to catch us if we risk studying a year abroad but, it turns out bad.

I start with this one because in most of my major decisions I wanted permission not direction. I longed for support. Instinctively we seek that from our parents first.

This shift was eye opening for me because I remember when I started dreaming out loud. Sharing my ambitions with people I loved, respected, and trusted. All of the guidance was laced in the form of caution but, sounded like doubt and disbelief. Disappointed I turned to my Bible. I was even more conflicted because of scriptures such as : “ Delight yourself in the LORD and, He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4.

And is that not the heart of a parent? Your children are doing well in school; following directions at home. Would you not reward them?

So, if over and over we read, “Fear not,” why are treading so cautiously?

The other restraint is rooted in stewardship. “Count the cost…” Luke 14:28. I agree with stewardship. Each person has been assigned time, talent, and treasure for life and season. Each person is responsible for making sure that they use those resources responsibly.

Personal testimonial

In my life the heavens have parted with the voice of GOD giving me specific direction on three occasions. I entered those endeavors with great confidence. It wasn’t until I wanted to make some decisions just because that I found that it seemed like the heavens fell silent. In true form I reached out to my counsel. Everyone wanted to share their opinion about my decision. Some wanted to vicariously live through my decision. I had to find something more objective to sort out my choices. I prayed again and, in HIS grace the LORD asked me what I wanted? That took me aback. Now, I have my filter.

Does this filter through the great commandment?

Do I have the time, talent, and treasure to complete my goal?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes. I proceed forward with the heart to derail, modify, or stop as needed by the direction of Holy Spirit.


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